The creator of Rick and Morty is preparing a series on a superhero Koala

After Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland will be interested in koalas. He’s going to produce a new series for Hulu. Called Koala Man, she will follow the adventures of a superhero with a not very secret identity.

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Justin Roiland is definitely very prolific. The co-creator of Rick and morty does not intend to rest on its laurels and is already working on a new series. According to Variety, he will be producing Koala Man. Humorous, as often, for the productions of Justin Roiland, she is a father who lives with a not so secret identity, as a superhero. Without having any real powers, he is simply fueled by his urge to fight crime in his community.

Unsurprisingly, creators and producers will take part in the story by playing characters. Justin Roiland, who already lent his voice to several protagonists of the series Rick & Morty, should once again go behind the microphone. Michael Cusak, who will also be writing, will play the main character. This will not be the first time that the two men will collaborate since they had already worked on the Australian adaptation of Rick and Morty, Bushworld Adventures.

A broadcast on Disney + in France?

For now, the rest of the cast remains unknown. The project has just been validated by the Hulu platform, we will probably have to wait a little longer to find out more. If the broadcast will be provided by Hulu across the Atlantic, it’s a safe bet that it will land through Disney+ Star in our green countries. This was already the case for the series Solar Opposites, which is currently broadcast on the platform in France.

As a reminder, Solar Opposites follows the adventures of a family of stranded Aliens on Earth. They must find a way out of the planet, but their ship is damaged. While the first season is not even over yet, the second episode burst should land on Disney + in April. Rick & Morty for its part is available on Netflix and on Adult Swim France.

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