The most beautiful car in the world is a Ferrari, according to analysis

“What is the most beautiful car in the world?” It is a question that is commonly associated with a rhetorical character or discussions based on subjectivities. It is a difficult query to answer.

The Carwow motorsport platform set out to come up with the best possible answer to this question. To achieve this, they used a mathematical formula. The result: the throne is left by a Ferrari model.

Analysis determined that the Ferrari Monza SP1 is the most beautiful car in the world

Beauty is something difficult to quantify through the use of standardized indicators, applicable to more than one object of evaluation. The publication specialized in cars that devised this analysis, raised it in order to determine which automobile of the last 70 years has a higher level of beauty in its design. To perform this calculation, they quantified their golden ratio in a series of models, which is a mathematical equation used to define whether the proportions of objects, in this case automobiles, are perfect.

The CarWow mathematical formula bestowed this honor on the 2019 Ferrari Monza SP1. It is a single-seat supercar. According to the measurement made, Ferrari’s share of almost 62% (61.75), a consistent figure of the golden ratio.

Taking the front view of the vehicle as an observation point, CarWow determined the golden ratio of each of the 100 cars subjected to the study, measuring 14 different points of it. This analysis work included, among the observation of other elements, the measurement of the angles of the headlights, rear-view mirrors and windshields. After collecting these data, they were used to calculate and compare the proportions that define how well the vehicle design was raised, according to the principles of the golden ratio.

That Ferrari is the only car in the top ten of the ranking that was launched on the market during the last ten years. The Monza SP1 went on sale in 2018, as the first product in the Italian manufacturer’s Icona series, inspired by its models from the 1950s, but equipped with all the current technology.

Other models highlighted by this analysis were the 1964 Ford GT40, ranking second with a 61.64% lineup. The 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC Speciale, 1975 Lotus Elite and 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO rounded out the top five with lineups of 61.15, 60.07 and 59.95 percent, respectively. You can review the 100 positions in the list in the original publication of CarWow.

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