These Gucci shoes cost € 13, but you won’t be able to put them on

In its mobile application, Gucci now offers a new pair of shoes at only 13 euros. Only problem: they are 100% virtual.

Credit: Max Anderson / Unsplash

Lately, many have developed a passion for NFT, these kinds of blockchain-based digital certificates to authenticate an item as unique. And even if the concept seemed rather adapted to the art world, it is clear that the phenomenon has now completely passed this stage, so much so that the NFT of the first tweet in history was recently sold for the modest sum of $ 2.9 million at auction. The same goes for online video games, like Fortnite, which generates impressive turnover by selling virtual items to their players.

It didn’t take more for Gucci to realize that people were willing to spend fortunes on virtual goods. The famous Italian brand has just updated its application to taste, in part, its luxury products. Gucci offers a new pair of shoes for only 13 euros, much less expensive than its shoes sometimes sold for 1000 euros in stores. The catch: you won’t be able to wear them, at least, in real life.

It is actually a simple augmented reality filter. After purchasing on the app, you are prompted to point the camera of your smartphone at your feet, before the magic of the AR takes place, which will replace your current shoes with a brand new and colorful Gucci pair. If you are not going to be able to wear them in the streets of your city, you can nevertheless display yourself with your new pair in pictures, on social networks, and that is well worth 13 euros, right?

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