Valve unveils dates for Steam Next Festival

After an edition in February 2021, Valve is revamping its famous Steam games festival next summer, with hundreds of games on the schedule.

Credit: Valve

Valve has just announced the official dates of its next game festival to be held this summer. It will take place from June 16 to 22 and will be renamed Steam Next Fest, or Steam Neo Fest in French. Valve said PC gamers will be able to experience hundreds of games by trying their demos, watching live broadcasts, or chatting with the developers to ask questions.

If the event changes its name, the format remains more or less the same as with previous Steam game festivals. So this is great news for PC gamers, although it would appear that the dates coincide with those of the virtual event of l’E3. Indeed, it will last from June 15 to 17 and will be held in digital version. If we don’t yet know what the program will be for each of these events, it’s a safe bet that some announcements will be identical in both festivals and that others will be much more specific to each event.

Sure his site, Valve is offering players the option to sign up to be notified when the event becomes available. It is therefore a busy month of June that awaits the gaming community, knowing that other players in the video game industry could announce their own event as was done last year, such as Sony or Microsoft. If you missed the February edition of the Steam Games Festival, here is the event trailer, which you can also find in full on Youtube.

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