Vodafone prepaid campaign: mobile operator is giving you 60 euros for CallYa Digital


With Vodafone you can secure a short-term starting credit of 60 euros for the CallYa Digital tariff. You can test it for 12 weeks for free. A tough deal.

At Vodafone you can currently expect a real great deal. The telecommunications provider would like to convince you of its new CallYa Digital tariff and is giving you 60 euros starting credit for free, with which you can test the tariff for 12 weeks free of charge. A strong deal that you should secure yourself quickly. The promotion only runs until April 15th.

CallYa Digital free of charge for 12 weeks

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CallYa Digital free of charge for 12 weeks

  • Allnet flat rate for SMS and telephony

  • 10 Gigabyte Surf Volume

  • Can be canceled monthly

CallYa Digital provides you with an all-network flat rate for SMS and telephony as well as 10 gigabytes of surfing volume, which you can use at up to 500 megabits per second. Of course, EU roaming is also on board. The price for the tariff is 20 euros per month. For € 2.99 more, you even get access to 5G. The offer can be canceled on a monthly basis.

You can currently test the tariff for 12 weeks free of charge. If you use the voucher code “BONUS60” with your order, you will receive a starting credit of 60 euros, which will give you three months of CallYa Digital completely free of charge.

But that’s not all. You can pause for up to 15 months at the end of the withdrawal period. You cannot make phone calls or surf the web during the break, but you can still be reached. So you can stay available for up to 48 months with the 60 Euro starting credit.

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