With its 108 MP sensor, discover all that the realme 8 Pro can do in photos

With its Realme 8 Pro, the Chinese manufacturer is deploying its first smartphone equipped with a 108 MP camera. This is the famous Samsung HM2 sensor. We will therefore find the 9 in 1 binning of pixels, ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO in addition to its definition of 12,000 x 9,000 pixels. By adding it with the power of the device and artificial intelligence, the realme 8 Pro is clearly one of the future benchmarks in terms of “photophone”.

It was during the “Camera Innovation” online event that the manufacturer unveiled the ingredients of its next champion, the realme 8 Pro. With this smartphone, the firm simply wants to revolutionize mobile phone photography, in particular with its 108 megapixel sensor which will bring a lot of innovations for ever better shots, both in terms of colors, exposure, details or still the depth of the pictures taken.

The realme 8 Pro: an ace in photography

If this is not the first cell phone to use this 108 megapixel sensor, the realme 8 Pro gives itself the means to go further by adding a number of internal improvements. The realme brand therefore opts for the very last 108 MP HM2 sensor from Samsung, with a binning the pixels 9-and-1 and a great 1 / 1.52 ″ sensor size. This configuration will in particular make it possible to significantly improve the image quality in low light.

Its technology ISOCELL Plus minimizes optical loss and light reflection, ensuring greater color fidelity and improved light sensitivity of up to 15%. In addition, the sensor has the function smart-ISO and the manufacturer is already announcing excellent images in brighter conditions. Day or night, the phone will be able to capture crisp images full of small details.

Captured with the realme 8 Pro

realme pushes the boundaries with its own additions

The realme 8 Pro also achieves greater zoom clarity thanks to new technology. In-Sensor Zoom. We find a way of zoom 3x which uses 12 “mapped” MPs. Concretely, this allows the phone to take eight 12 MP photos in a row, then integrate them into the algorithm to increase the clarity of the image and obtain a perfect rendering. The photos obtained with the 3x mode on the realme 8 Pro are worthy of the images taken offer a sharpness worthy of optical telephoto lenses.

Of course, realme brings various house optimizations to make the realme 8 Pro a benchmark for Android cameras. Features such as Starry Mode (already present on the X3 SuperZoom) are improved and now allow you to record videos in timelapse. Normally, this video method requires multiple videos and complex computer mixing. The realme 8 Pro is able to do everything in perfect autonomy and very simply. If we take the example of space, we can take 30 photos in 480 seconds, to develop a video in a second and admire the wonders of a starry night.

Example of a snapshot captured with the realme 8 Pro

Go further with Tilt-Shift and Portrait modes

The same goes for the mode Tilt-shift. The objective of the latter is to apply a blur effect around the photographed subject, to give an impression of miniaturization on your shot. It can be used on many supports, whether it is a car in the street, a Lego or your plate. The good news is that the realme 8 Pro can take pictures like this fast, even videos!

Tilt-Shift mode on the realme 8 Pro

Finally, the portrait mode It also receives its share of novelties and improvements of all kinds. We can apply 3 different filters:

  • A first filter that automatically sets the background black and white, while leaving the subject in color
  • Dynamic Bokeh blurs the background with a sense of movement
  • Neon Portrait provides better clipping than on previous generations.

Despite all these features, the realme 8 Pro remains an affordable smartphone since it will be marketed on March 29 at 299 euros. Enough to make it the best photo / price ratio on the market.

This article is sponsored by realme. It was produced in partnership by a dedicated team, independent from the editorial staff of Journal du Geek.

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