Crazy trailer for James Gunn’s movie

In a few months, The Suicide Squad will be back on our screens. The reboot of the 2016 film has been entrusted to James Gunn who, now freed from Disney’s restrictions on violence, will obviously not make any concessions.

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The first Suicide Squad was chaotic, And that is to say the least. However, Warner Bros does not intend to put the whole clique in the closet since the studios are preparing to unveil a new opus of their adventures. This time, David Ayer was sidelined to make way for James Gunn. Proof if it took one that DC envies the success of the house of ideas on the big screen, Warner Bros. has debauched the director of the two opus of Guardians of the Galaxy for his new film. For the occasion, the filmmaker has called on a whole new cast, with a few details. We will obviously find Margot Robbie in the skin of Harley Quinn, Viola Davis in that of Amanda Waller, Joel Kinnaman in the role of Colonel Rick Flagg and finally Jai Courtney in that of Captain Boomerang. For the rest, Will Smith, Jared Leto and Cara Delevingne will not be there. Instead, we find Idris Elba in the costume of Bloodsport, John Cena in that of Peace Maker and finally David Dastmalchian in Polka-Dot Man.

A complete re-reading of the plot

Exit the ancestral witches and demons from the underworld, The Suicide Squad will take us to Belle Reve prison. There, the worst supervillains will do anything to get out, even join a squad on behalf of the government. Their mission: to cross a distant island crammed with enemies. Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, Ratcatcher 2, and Harley Quinn will need to team up to hope to win. This trailer shows us the team on a rescue mission. Explosive and frenzied, the first images are quite promising. The film, R-Rated, already promises to make no concessions. Now freed from Disney’s violence policy, James Gunn could work wonders. To be sure, it will be necessary to wait for the July 29th in dark rooms.

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