John Wick director is preparing a movie

Only a few months after its release last July, Ghost of Tsushima is already at the heart of an adaptation project for the big screen. According to information from Deadline, it is the director of John Wick who will stick to it.

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It was one of the last successful titles of the PS4. Only a few months before the marketing of the 5th generation console, Sucker Punch unveiled its new production. Ghost of Tsushima was an immediate success, since it was crowned choice of the players in the Game Awards 2020. A few months after this consecration, Deadline announces that a film adapted from the game is in development at Sony.

According to the American media, the project has already been entrusted to Chad Stalhelski. The director of the John saga Wick, will also be in production alongside the company 87Eleven. Asked by Deadline, Asad Fever, the Head of Playstation Productions, was delighted with this new collaboration between Playstation and Sony Studio. « We are excited to partner with Chad and 87Eleven Entertainement, to bring their take on Jin’s story to the big screen. We love working with creative partners like Chad, who have a passion for our games and who make sure to create rich adaptations that will delight our fans and new audiences. “

No release date yet

The project is still very young at Sony, which has therefore logically not yet communicated a release date. The casting also remains a mystery. On the plot side, however, we can already imagine that the film will take the elements of the game’s plot. Ghost of Tsushima follows Jin’s adventures in 1274 in feudal Japan.

After the invasion of his village by the Mongols, the warrior wakes up and discovers that he is the last survivor. He must put aside the traditions that forged him as a warrior to wage a merciless battle and liberate the island from Tsushima of its invaders. In video games, it is Kazuya Nakai who lends his voice to the main character, while it is Damien Boisseau who plays him in the French version. The actor is particularly known for having lent his voice to Matt Damon.

It remains to be seen from now on who will play Jin on the screen and if the film will meet the same success as his alter-ego video game. Sony seems to be betting on video game adaptations, notably The Last of Us, who comes from find your acting duo, but also Uncharted with Tom Holland in the lead role.


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