Telegram works to add live video to voice chat rooms

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about Clubhouse, the fashionable social network, as well as some of the rivals are stepping on the accelerator to try to overcome it, as is the case of Twitter with Spaces, which in addition to opening up to more Android users In the last few days, it is also starting to prepare a web version.

Another one that tries to compete with Clubhouse is the Telegram messaging platform, which in addition to have launched Voice Chat 2.0 recently, the messaging platform run by Pavel Durov is preparing now to add video capabilities to live voice chat rooms, both in groups and channels.

Trying to reinvent 21st century television

This would make it possible to convert what is Telegram they called 21st century public radio in what they may call 21st century public television. For now, this feature is available through version 7.6.1 beta, both on Android and iOS, by activating the feature called “Demo Video” in the developer options.

The function itself will allow adding a small video window to the current voice room, also offering the possibility of choosing a video codec from a series of current options, as well as the possibility of further optimization of the video that allows its monitoring even from slow connections or devices with less processing power.

In this way, the hosts of the voice rooms will be able to address in the future also in video before an audience, which can be quite large, for which we must remember that since the current stable version of Telegram there is no longer a limit capacity.

This is a very interesting aspect due to all the possibilities that may arise for the future, even serving as an alternative to consolidated live video broadcast platforms such as Twitch, or even direct streaming platforms. TikTok, so it will be a matter of seeing to what extent other options can be overshadowed by the future arrival of video to voice chat rooms, or even the additions that may later arrive at voice chat rooms.

There is no doubt that Telegram wants to revolutionize the way in which users communicate on the Internet, for which it will be a matter of time to know the scope of future developments that are now in development.

Via: Beta Telegram Channel

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