Telekom distributes updates for several Homematic IP devices

Telekom is currently distributing a firmware update for all Homematic IP devices. The whole thing happens in the background and only when the update has been fully loaded on the corresponding device, there is a notification and can be carried out afterwards.

Homematic IP devices will receive an update from March 22nd, 2021

Telekom’s firmware updates have been distributed to all Homematic IP devices since March 22, 2021. If your devices have not issued an update message after more than three days, everything is still good. The firmware update is not delivered to all devices at the same time. In addition, it can sometimes take up to 48 hours for the update to find its way from the Home Base to the corresponding devices. This can take a little longer, especially with the wall buttons and remote controls, as they rarely report to the control center or at the press of a button.

After the update, all devices will restart. In the course of this, the heating actuators also carry out a so-called calibration run. Here you have to briefly press the adjusting wheel once, otherwise the thermostat remains open after the update (Also comes as a note in the update text).

The following devices receive the firmware update

Among other things, the following devices will receive an update (the firmware listed here is the final after the update):

  • HmIP blind actuator for brand switches (HmIP-BBL) – 67600 (1.8.16)
  • HmIP dimming actuator for brand switches (HmIP-BDT) – 66568 (1.4.8)
  • Roller shutter actuator for brand switches (HmIP-BROLL) – 67600 (1.8.16)
  • Switching and measuring actuator for brand switches (HmIP-BSM) – 70156 (1.18.12)
  • Wall thermostat with switching output 230V (HmIP-BWTH) – 66052 (1.2.4)
  • Wall thermostat with switching output 24V (HmIP-BWTH24) – 66052 (1.2.4)
  • HmIP blind actuator – flush-mounted (HmIP-FBL) – 67596 (1.8.12)
  • Dimming actuator – flush-mounted (HmIP-FDT) – 66568 (1.4.8)
  • Flush-mounted roller shutter actuator (HmIP-FROLL) – 67596 (1.8.12)
  • Switching and measuring actuator – flush-mounted (HmIP-FSM) – 70158 (1.18.14)
  • Switching and measuring actuator – flush-mounted (HmIP-FSM16) – 70158 (1.18.14)
  • Dimmer socket (HmIP-PDT) – 66568 (1.4.8)
  • Switching and measuring socket (HmIP-PSM) – 135692 (2.18.12)
  • Radio remote control 8 buttons (HmIP-RC8) – 65555 (1.0.19)
  • Radiator thermostat (HMIP-eTRV, HmIP-eTRV-2) – 131592 (2.2.8)
  • Radiator thermostat – compact (HmIP-eTRV-C) – 66052 (1.2.4)
  • Switch socket (HmIP-PS) – 132610 (2.6.2)
  • Wall switch 6-way (HmIP-WRC6) – 65555 (1.0.19)
  • Bosch roller shutter control (Bosch-SH-HmIP-BBL) – 67592 (1.8.8)
  • Bosch light control flush-mounted (Bosch-SH-HmIP-BSM) – 70156 (1.18.12)
  • Bosch Radiator Thermostat (Bosch-SH-HmIP-TRV) – 67072 (1.6.0)
  • Bosch adapter plug (Bosch-SH-HmIP-PSMR) – 135692 (2.18.12)

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