The nasal mask does not protect against contamination

The idea is cheerful, but in view of the health context, many would be ready to test this solution from Mexico: a nasal mask that clears the mouth, which therefore makes it possible to eat and drink. But that’s a bad idea.

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Wearing the mask has become a habit for millions of people around the world, it is an essential gesture to limit cases of coronavirus contamination. But sometimes it must be removed at lunchtime, or even during a visit to the dentist. In these cases where it is not possible to wear a full mask, Mexican researchers at the National Polytechnic Institute have announced that they have found a solution to reduce the spread of the virus: a nasal mask.

A false good idea

This is a mask that covers only the nose, thus leaving the mouth free. The fun-looking product does not seek to replace a classic mask that covers the nose and mouth, but rather to ” reinforce measures to take care of his health during daily activities that require removing it “, Explain the researchers. Apart from these activities, wearing a full mask remains essential.

However, infectious disease specialists interviewed by BFM TV remain skeptical of this invention and warn of the potential danger it may hide. They point out in particular that the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 occurs by droplets coming from the nose and also from the mouth: postilions, coughs, when speaking, etc. This is why the risks of contamination are so high during meals, with or without a nasal mask.

During the lunch break, it is imperative not to share cutlery, to keep a distance from each other, it is also necessary to eat in a well ventilated room and avoid the crowds. This is also the reason why restaurants have been closed since the end of last year. This nasal mask starts from a good intention, but it should ultimately be useless, even dangerous: it can indeed give a false impression of protection.

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