Boston Dynamics presents Stretch, its new material handling robot

Capable of moving up to 800 boxes per hour, this newborn in the Boston Dynamics family could replace humans on certain repetitive and physical tasks.

Crédits Boston Dynamics

After Spot and Handle, Boston Dynamics has just presented its brand new creation to the world. Designed to move boxes and other bulky items more easily, Stretch already promises to make life easier for warehouse workers. Unlike his big brothers, who played on their resemblance to humans and animals – even going so far as sketch some dance steps, the machine puts above all on its practical side, and sports a solid square base, several wheels intended to ensure its mobility, as well as an enormous robotic arm equipped with sensors and cameras. According to the company Stretch can thus lift and move boxes weighing up to 23 kg thanks to the suction cups attached to the end of his arm.

Unlike the machines traditionally present on industrial production lines, Stretch stands out above all by its mobility. Like a human being, the robot can indeed move around anywhere in its environment, and move boxes over a much greater distance. We can imagine him loading or unloading a truck, before storing merchandise in a specific warehouse a few hours later. Versatility that will allow it to best adapt to the needs of a business, says Michael Perry, vice president of business development for Boston Dynamics at The Verge “This system can provide automation to environments that do not have an automation infrastructure”. According to the company, Stretch can thus move 800 boxes per hour, and run for up to eight hours straight thanks to its long-lasting battery. Enough to relieve the human workforce of too intense physical work.

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