Elon Musk thinks Tesla can overtake Apple

By claiming that he could get ahead of the Apple brand on Twitter, Elon Musk has visibly taken a step ahead. Especially since the businessman has also revealed confidential information that goes against the rules of the market.

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And Elon Musk is not at the level of Donald Trump when it comes to drawing tweets faster than his shadow, the American businessman nevertheless tends to sometimes ignite on his favorite social network. Last Friday, the boss of Tesla explained that there was a great chance that his company would surpass Apple. An ambitious goal, which Elon Musk supported by posting a calendar on the market capitalization of his company, which counted on “The months to come”. Only problem, this practice will against the rules of the market. While the initial post was quickly deleted from Twitter, several screenshots still attest to the businessman’s comments.

Elon the repeat offender

This is not the first time that Elon Musk has been called to order by the SEC, the body in charge of stock market regulation across the Atlantic. In 2018, he was fined $ 20 million after being accused of manipulating the stock market with tweets claiming that he planned to privatize Tesla for $ 420 per share (an operation that had increased the company’s price by 6%). It must be said that the slightest speech from the business tycoon is enough to get an action off the ground, like a few weeks ago with Dogecoin. To avoid problematic situations in the future, Tesla had nevertheless set up a systematic verification of the tweets of the person concerned on the platform. A precaution that was obviously not enough to prevent him from tweeting. For the moment, neither the SEC nor Tesla have agreed to comment on the situation, the CNBC site recently reported.

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