ROIDMI Eve Plus dust vacuum, with automatic garbage collection

Cordless vacuum cleaners have invaded homes practically all over the world, but the vast majority have a difficult problem to solve, cleaning the device.

Dust that is collected, hairs that get caught, particles in places that are difficult to access … little by little, manufacturers are presenting solutions to solve the problem, and ROIDMI has just done it with a vacuum cleaner that is responsible for collecting the sucked dust.

The manufacturer has added the latest dust collection function, so the use is completely independent, the collection is done automatically, as we show in the video:

Regarding technical specifications, the vacuum cleaner uses infrared sensor of the LDS laser navigation level and suction power of 2700pa, together with a long-lasting battery (5200 mAH, with 250 minutes of battery life) and the possibility of connect with Alexa for voice control

Automatic dust collection

Without a doubt, the most striking feature of the new ROIDMI is the one-button dust collection. After cleaning is completed, the dust collection station automatically opens the work mode to clean the dust box.

For this you can use a large 3L bag for the powder that only needs to be changed every 30 days. It has a reminder function, antibacterial system (the ozone lamp turns on automatically after each dust collection, with a duration of 30 minutes) and an intelligent screen, so that we know when to change said bag.

The collection station is easy to sterilize, and from the app we can follow the appropriate instructions to know all kinds of details, such as countdown to aspirate, charging status of the sweeping robot, start status of ozone sterilization, reminder of full dust and fault alarm.

Accessories and sensors

As far as accessories are concerned, it has a side brush with dynamic speed adjustment, an adaptive suspension suction mouth, which changes according to the fluctuation of the ground and a 250 ml smartly controlled water tank. The sensors allow the vacuum cleaner to automatically decelerate when there is an obstacle in front of it, while the collision sensors on the left and right sides make the robot avoid obstacles.

Link and prices

Available in this link, has an original price of € 461.22, although in the launch promotion you can buy it for € 309 and apply an additional coupon of 8 euros.

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