SIGMA fp L is the smallest and lightest mirrorless camera in the world!

Sigma has a new camera mirrorless full-frame ultra-compact, the Sigma fp L, maintaining the best features of the predecessor presented in 2019, but reinforcing the aspects in which it was not surprising. Weighs 427 grams with battery!

While the first generation is equipped with a 35 mm sensor (full-frame) of 24.6 MP, the new Bayer sensor has 61 MP in an extraordinarily compact body. It’s a big increase in resolution, with filter low-pass to reduce the moire pattern.

The new Sigma fp L has a 61 MP Bayer sensor

Sigma fp L

The relevance of the new sensor full-frame 35 mm to 61 MP is related to the possibility of making an effective magnification of 5x without losing image quality, the crop zoom. This applies, for example, to recording video in Full-HD (1080p) resolution

This new Sigma fp L has a rear LCD screen, sensitive to touch that fills a large part of your body. In fact, the camera is so compact that we don’t even have an electronic viewfinder (viewfinder), which is an optional accessory.

The new viewfinder attaches to the side of the camera for those who need this useful accessory to study and compose the image before capturing it. Note that the camera is quite modular and can be used for professional photography or video.

The new camera has an external electronic viewfinder


This external electronic viewfinder EVF-11 (optional) is designed exclusively for use in the SIGMA fp series. It has a 0.5 inch panel, about 3.68 M OLED dots, which delivers a high resolution display and lighting for, ideal for photography.

The chamber mirrorless has a number of new features and accessories that will make photography easier to capture, including hybrid autofocus (OF). We are also entitled to manual focus mode.

The new mode combines contrast detection e phase and USB charging while the camera is turned on. The ISO (sensor sensitivity to light) range varies between 100-25600 (expandable to ISO 6 -102400).

A full-frame pocket is scalable for photography or video

The SIGMA fp L supports USB charging while the camera is turned on. This allows you to shoot without interruption while charging the camera using a mobile battery, even outdoors or where you do not have access to an electrical outlet.

In fact, we can also use it as a webcam. Simply connect the fp L to a PC via USB and it will function as an audio and video input device while obtaining its power supply from the PC.

Sigma fp L

The camera now also allows you to save a customized configuration. The saved settings can be kept as image data accessible via a QR code, so you can load many definition patterns quickly.

This allows a new way for users to share the personalized settings they recommend with each other, exchanging QR codes with other users or sharing them on social networks. It’s ideal for sharing “presets”.

Sigma fp L records video up to 4K UHD

The video recording capabilities remain identical. The new fp L can record at maximum 4K UHD resolution with 23.98, 24 p, 25 p, and 29.97 p frame rates.

Additionally, you can record in Full-HD (1080 p) at 23.98 p, 24 p, 25 p, 29.97 p, 48 p, 50 p, 59.94 p, 100 p, and 119.88 p for slow motion . The recording time limit is set to 2 hours, depending on the recording mode.

The camera can record the contents to a UHS-II SD card (1 slot), or directly to an external SSD – increasing the color range from 8-bit to 12-bit.

Sigma fp L

Sigma fp L has electronic image stabilization (EIS). It is equipped with an HDMI port, 3.5 mm jack for microphone and USB Type-C for external charging, or for connection to the computer and possible use as a webcam.

For more demanding users, especially for capturing professional video, Sigma in partnership with SmallRig developed new accessories and the “cage” illustrated above.

The battery life declared by the manufacturer is 240 photographs, or 60 minutes of video recording. In any case, the fp L can operate continuously with external power through the USB-C port.

There are new color modes in Sigma fp L

Sigma fp L

Powder Blue is a color mode with a bright and clear touch, with a refreshing blue color. We also have Duotone that transforms the colors of an image into an impressive two-color gradient.

With the addition of these two new modes to the wide choice of SIGMA color modes originally featured in the fp series, there is now a total of 15 color modes to choose from.

There are two new presets or color recipes implemented by Sigma in the new camera available to users.

The new Sigma fp L camera hits stores in mid-April with an approximate price of 2 500 €. The external electronic viewfinder EVF-11 will cost approximately 700 €.

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