The Mi 11 Ultra comes with another shovel

In addition to the Mi 11 Pro, the Xiaomi also showed an even more serious smartphone, which will also be available at home.

Maybe the We 11 Dec was the most important product of today ‘s Xiaomi demonstration, but the manufacturer also showed an even more serious phone, which in turn is sure to be available from us, although probably only in limited quantities. The Mi 11 Ultra knows everything the Mi 11 Pro does (67 watt wired and wireless fast charging, IP68 protection, harman / kardon speakers, QHD 120 Hz AMOLED display), but the back is especially special not only because of the cameras, but also also due to the secondary display located here.


The Ultra will definitely come with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage, but it will not be very cheap, although there is no official domestic price yet, but starting from the Chinese price of 6,000 yuan, it can easily reach the price level of 350-400 thousand forints. But it also offers something, on the one hand, the back cover is ceramic, the front cover is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus, the hardware is undoubtedly top-notch, and Xiaomi is especially proud not only of how fast the battery can be charged, but also the device holds longer souffles than many of its competitors.


However, the Ultra deserves special attention due to its rear design. Here we find the same Samsung GN2 sensor behind the main camera as the one used by the Pro (1 / 1.12 inch), but the two secondary cameras are also exciting because you can shoot 48 megapixel images with the 128 degree ultra wide and full lens is. Behind both is the Sony IMX586 sensor, so the picture quality is quite sumptuous based on what we see, whichever camera we use, and all of it can record 8K video. There’s also an OIS behind the main camera and the full lens, plus there’s an enhanced ToF camera (dToF) that shoots 64 beams, giving the algorithm an even better idea of ​​which object is far away, which will come in handy in connection with portraits.


The fill lens offers five times the optical zoom, but with a hybrid solution, 120x magnification can also be raked, although in this case the image quality will no longer be too steep. On the other hand, it’s awful that the camera island (which occupies the full width of the phone) also got a 1.1-inch AMOLED display, which can be very useful in a number of scenarios. Obviously, everyone’s primary idea is that it will be great to take a self-portrait with the back camera set, as we can see ourselves on the small display. However, there is also a 20 megapixel selfie sensor on the front panel.


The small display on the back may display notifications and battery information, but if you are very low on power, you can turn off the main display to show only the most important functions in this small rear window by extending the operating time of the device. According to Xiaomi, if our charge is 10%, we can even calculate 55 hours of standby time with this method.


A special edition of the Mi 11 Ultra has also been introduced, which has also been designed with a pattern on the white ceramic back, but it is already on the market for a very limited number of copies for 7,000 yuan. This will only be available in version 12/512, which is exactly the same amount that the non-marbled edition tastes with the same amount of memory and storage anyway. The domestic price and appearance of the Ultra is not yet known, we hope to have a test device soon.

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