You can start with your Mate X2 on your HarmonyOS mobile

Within weeks, here’s the launch of Huawei’s own operating system, and a real specialty you can get for the first time.

There is no going back: after Huawei had been building its Android-based HMS ecosystem for years, losing its Google license and even surrendering to the Honor brand, the development of a mobile version of HarmonyOS, presumably close to the code of the green robotic system, came under way.

(source: Huawei Central) [+]

The manufacturer’s Weibos site specifically predicts an April launch, certainly in the first round in China, and since the P50 the family will no longer start in March, in fact: it is now they are gossiping about May, so the nearest peak phone will signal first. That is, a tablet. It already depends on whether it is open or closed, we show:

The Mate X2 is open and closed, even with Android 10 [+]

The 8 “panel, this time folding inwards Mate X2it was a 6.45 “second panel on the outside, but there wasn’t much coffee left around it. Mate 40 and the P40 family you can switch to HarmonyOS right after the special on the test table above, but we don’t yet have information on what the fate of international Huawei mobiles and tablets will be in this case.

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