7 smart lighting products from Yeelight, for gamers and interior designers

Yeelight is a brand known for the solutions it offers in the world of lighting. They have products of all kinds, from mobile controlled LED lights to monitor bars, ideal for gamers, through table lamps, flashlights and much more.

We have made a selection of some of the most interesting products they have in your Aliexpress store.

1 – Light bar for gamer monitor

Light bar for gamer monitor

A bar that can be configured to suit the experience of various games. The colors displayed on the wall are synchronized with what we see on the screen, generating a tremendous immersive effect.

Its price is about 62 euros. You can use the coupon R0GX1UNV23IS in this link

2 – GU10 Smart LED Bulb

Light bulb

It is a smart bulb with more than 16 million colors available. We can synchronize the lights with our favorite song to define the atmosphere of a room according to the mood.

It is also possible to create groups to control multiple bulbs together for simultaneous lighting effects.

They can connect to Alexa and Google.

Its price ranges from 9 to 13 euros. You can use the GU10BULB coupon in this link

3 – 1S / 1SE LED Smart Bulb

1S / 1SE LED Smart Bulb

Two bulbs that can be connected to assistants such as Google or homekit (except for the 1S, which does not connect to the latter).

They can also be configured by environments, create groups and define light rhythms.

Its price is about 11 euros. You can use the coupon E5WSPVO76G31 in this link

4 – Arwen ceiling lamp

Arwen ceiling lamp

We now come to the ceiling lamps, and among them we have the Arwen, also connectable with virtual assistants, with a concealable ceiling base and a truly elegant design.

In addition to smart voice control via Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and Samsung smart Things, they can also be controlled with the Seesaw dimmer switch and a remote control.

In addition to light, colors can be controlled, with an external disk that shines independently.

Its price starts from 144 euros. You can use the coupon AAHR7ETKPO1Z in this link

5 – M2 Smart LED Bulb

M2 smart LED bulb

Low power consumption, Bluetooth mesh technology, two types of E14 and E27 screw, smaller size than normal bulbs, Homekit integration (Yeelight gateway mesh version required) and other assistants, app control … a very cheap bulb that does not have colors, but has a power of 4W,

Its price is about 9 euros. You can use the coupon 3B2OBU5J11IQ in this link

6 – Table lamp with wireless charger

Table lamp with wireless charger

With bulbs included, the YLCT03YL lamp is dimmable, connects to 220V and offers 12V voltage. It is turned on with a switch offering power of 16-20W, and it is also a wireless charger for iPhone. You can also connect to homekit.

Its price is about 55 euros. You can use the coupon 3XASMO3B4OZG in this link

7 – Ceiling lamp with presence sensor

Ceiling light with people sensor

This ceiling light detects when a human enters, and it turns on automatically. When exiting, after 60 seconds, it turns off again.

It features a mosquito-repellent design (it is completely sealed), and offers soft, flash-free, high-brightness, and high CRI illumination, perfect for residential businesses.

Provides 670LM brightness and 5700K warm white brightness.

Its price is about 23 euros. You can use the coupon 3B2OBU5J11IQ in this link

As you can see, very good options to modernize home lighting.

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