CD Projet has deployed its mega patch 1.2

After patch 1.1 last January, CD Projekt Red is back with patch 1.2 which brings 500 fixes, mainly to resolve bugs in the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

Following the cyberattack of which CD Projekt was a victim last February, the studio had no choice but to postpone the patch 1.2 long awaited by players on PS4 and Xbox One. Indeed, this one had to make many corrections to the bugs of the version of the title for the consoles of old generation. The time has come for this patch to make its debut, and it brings with it no less than 500 major fixes. Most of them relate to gameplay, quest and cutscene fixes, which were the aspects of the game most affected by the multiple bugs. However, many other categories have been improved, such as the user interface, the open world or even the performance and stability of the game. Patch 1.2 does not only provide fixes for consoles since fixes specific to the PC version. have also been deployed. The complete list of fixes made by patch 1.2 can be viewed on the CD Project.

This being done, players can now rediscover the game from a better perspective from older generation consoles. Next-gen console gamers, namely the PS5 and Xbox Series, are now eagerly awaiting the next-gen update promised to them by CD Projekt earlier in the year. According to the schedule which had been communicated at the same time as the apology video, this update is expected to roll out by the second half of the year, along with free DLC. It is not yet known whether the cyberattack will delay the release window for these updates, but we still expect news from CD Projekt very soon. In the meantime, you can read our test de Cyberpunk 2077, which remains excellent despite the bugs that may have spoiled its launch experience.

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