Devolver Digital and Acid Nerve announce Death’s Door game

Among the most anticipated indie games is Death’s Doord, the new creation from the studio behind Titan Souls.

Credit: Acid Nerve

During the event organized by Twitch and Microsoft a few days ago, more than sixty indie games were announced. It was on this occasion that Acid Nerve, the studio behind Titan Souls, and Devolver Digital unveiled the game Death’s Door, which will be released exclusively on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It is a game that will therefore be an Xbox exclusive, although it is not yet known whether it will be ported to other media later. Death’s Door depicts a strange and dark world in which the job of the crows is to collect the souls of the dead. The game will be available this summer, although the official date has not yet been released. The plot of the game is as follows:

« Harvesting the souls of the dead and clocking in at a fixed time can prove to be a most monotonous job… but it is a very honest job for a Crow. Things get complicated when the soul you are responsible for is stolen by a desperate thief. You must then hunt down the thug to the unfathomable depths of a kingdom that escapes death. But beware… this place is teeming with creatures that should have passed away a long time ago, creatures whose immeasurable power is matched only by insatiable greed.. »

While waiting for its release, you can also check out some gameplay in the game’s announcement trailer to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of this very special action-adventure game.

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