Godzilla vs Kong director is preparing a Cosmocats movie

Hollywood is eyeing the hits of the ’80s. According to Deadline, the director of Godzilla vs. Kong is working on the live-action adaptation of the animated series ThunderCats, or Cosmocats in Molière’s language.

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Warner Bros is banking on nostalgia to draw audiences to theaters. The firm is preparing a live-action adaptation of the animated series Cosmocats. According to Deadline, the project was entrusted to the director of Godzilla vs Kong. Fan of the series, he confided in the feature film at the microphone of the American media. “My obsession with Cosmocats started in high school. It was then that I decided to become a director. I actually spent most of my senior year writing a script for Cosmocats. When I heard that Warner Bros was considering an adaptation, with some of my producers on Death Note, I asked to rewrite that script with my friend Simon Barrett. No one on this planet has thought of Cosmocats as much as I have. ” He also says he wants to focus on special effects to bring the adventures of the characters to the screen. So don’t expect CGI galore, and that’s pretty good news. The last time feline characters were brought to the screen using digital technology, it was far from a great success. Cats, which was based on this process, had flopped at the box office and is the subject of much criticism.

A tribute to the 80s

He explains that the direction taken by the studios is essentially based on an aesthetic close to what the 7th art was doing in the 80s. “I want to make a ThunderCats movie that takes us back to that time. I don’t want to reinvent their appearance, I want them to look like Cosmocats. I want to make a hybrid film, between CGI and special effects, that has a super real look and kind of bridges the gap between cartoon and CGI. ” As a reminder, Cosmocats is an American animated series broadcast between 1985 and 1989. It tells the story of the fights between the Cosmocats, a race of humanoid felines led by the young and brave Starlion, and the mutants, a race of evil monsters. The Mutants chased the Cosmocats from their planet Thundera and pursued them to their new world, 3rd Earth.

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