[Hot Deals] The Amazfit Stratos connected watch at 67 €

The connected watch d’Amazfit, la Stratos will bring a chic and trendy style to your wrist. The latter has conquered the wrist of many users whether they are sportsmen or not. The Amazfit Stratos is a great connected watch that will allow you to exercise with the help of hand-sewn tracking. Find it on Aliexpress! Its price has just undergone a vertiginous drop (you must not be dizzy).

If you are looking for a performance smartwatch (for sports) that adds style to your outfit, the Amazfit Stratos might interest you. Amazfit’s connected watch has managed to win over many users in a very competitive market where brands like Samsung and Apple are at war with each other. The latter is all the more interesting because it offers very detailed monitoring of your physical activities using several sensors. The brand is known for its quality smartwatches at a (very) bargain price. So, what are you waiting for to give it to yourself (or to a loved one)? It is available on Aliexpress at a price of 67 € instead of 173 € using code FRPA32807.

Take advantage of the € 67 offer on Aliexpress

Hand-sewn GPS tracking on the Amazfit Stratos

The Amazfit connected watch has different sensors and features that may make some competitors blush. The latter will give you access to very precise sports monitoring using GPS (for more precision), an oxygen sensor and a heart rate sensor. The Amazfit Stratos also integrates an accelerometer, a gyroscope, an altimeter in order to offer more details to the user. These features are perfectly integrated into the watch and the OS which is the main element of this connected watch. You will find on it the different modes that you can access such as the different sports activities, detailed monitoring of your sleep (your heart rate, your stress or your oxygen), not to mention the parameters of the Amazfit Stratos.

The Amazfit Stratos is one of the brand's many smartwatches.
The Amazfit Stratos is on sale on Aliexpress! The opportunity to acquire a beautiful connected watch.

Although the 1.34-inch LCD screen will allow you to read the big lines, your best bet is to track your physical activities from your smartphone. The Amazfit Watch App 2.0 is available for free on iOS and Android. The latter will allow you to have many more details on a daily basis and to personalize your watch (dial). The Amazfit Stratos brings everything you need right to your wrist. Find it on Aliexpress at a price of 67 € instead of 173 € using code FRPA32807.

Take advantage of the € 67 offer on Aliexpress

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