It came with the foldable Xiaomi and compared to not expensive

The Mi MiX Fold opens with a specially striking configuration and at a surprisingly favorable price, but it has not yet arrived in Hungary.

Just as expected, Xiaomi unveiled the first foldable display phone in the company’s history, dubbed the Mi Mix Fold. Accordingly, there was a great deal of interest in the manufacturer’s presentation today, where, of course, they took the time to show off the company’s new logo, which is just like the previous one, with only rounded edges given the orange logo. And in that regard, the first product to be heralded with great hoarfrost is nothing but a bag.

A zacskó
The bag [+]

But this only anesthetized the people, after the IoT solutions the veil finally fell off the Mi Mix Fold, which in terms of design evokes the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Huawei Mate X2, i.e. inside there is a large, in this case 8 , 01 inches, 4: 3 AMOLED display with 2480 x 1860 pixel resolution and 600 nits luminance. When folded, an elongated 6.52 inches, 2520 x 840 pixel, 90 Hz refresh rate AMOLED awaits savvy fingers.


The device focuses on a battery capacity of 5020 mAh, which is the market leader among foldable phones, but not only the capacity but also the 67-watt charging rate is remarkable. It’s also important that the phone got a total of four speakers, this harman / kardon contributed to it, and of course there was talk of how durable the hinge was, although the inscription “future for everyone” engraved on the outside might be a little disappointing.


There is no notch in the internal display, no camera holes, but we also get a front panel camera in the external display. But the point is not in this, but the rear camera set is interesting, where the main camera is the already known 108 megapixel sensor using 9-1 pixel merging, and the ultra-wide module brings a 123-degree viewing angle with a resolution of 13 megapixels.


A special feature of the camera set is the third lens, which uses a technology not previously used in telephones, the liquid lens with an electronically changed focal length. The liquid in the lens can change shape due to electricity, so it can be used for many purposes – in Mi Mix Fold, the lens with triple optical zoom can also function as a macro camera, and the resolution is 8 megapixels in both cases.


Also developed for image processing, although the Snapdragon 888 has an ISP, the Mi Mix Fold still uses its own solution (also because of the liquid lens), the in-house developed Surge C1 chip does this, which Xiaomi says is faster focusing. and processing speed is achieved. The Surge chip didn’t come out of nowhere, previously the S1 chipset was also used as the primary chipset in cheaper phones, and based on the experience gained in this way, it was further developed to now perform the task of the ISP.


Of course, Xiaomi has also made all sorts of software innovations in connection with Mi Mix Fold, which primarily expand the possibilities of multitasking with drag and drop functions between different applications. The most interesting point of the phone’s presentation was, of course, the announcement of pricing information, and Xiaomi was able to surprise the public by pushing its price below 10,000 yuan, which is almost half as much as Huawei also asks for the Mate X2 in China. .


Of course, this is still almost half a million forints without any tax burdens, but for now it is unfortunately irrelevant to us, because according to the current information, Mi Mix Fold will not be available in our region, although it will even be made into a special ceramic-coated edition and 512 GB of storage.

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