MediaTek became the world’s No. 1 for mobile chips in 2020 (thank you Xiaomi)

In 2020, the Taiwanese founder has surpassed the unbeatable Qualcomm and has established itself as the world number one in mobile chips.

Credit: MediaTek

Qualcomm’s Snapdragons today represent the panacea for mobile chips on Android smartphones, from the first prices to the flagship, endowed, this year, with the excellent Snapdragon 888. However, in 2020, it seems that the Californian founder has been damned the pawn by a certain MediaTek. According to Android Authority, which relays a note from Omdia, the Taiwanese was the first producer of mobile chips in the world in 2020, ahead of Qualcomm.

Last year, MediaTek shipped no less than 351.8 million SoCs, an increase of 47.8% compared to 2019 and a market share that increased from 17.2% to 27.2% in in just one year.

Thank you Xiaomi (but also Samsung and Oppo)

And this success is partly due to a certain Chinese brand: Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer has indeed relied on MediaTek to equip many models of the past year, and would have shipped no less than 63.7 million in 2020, a figure almost three times higher than the previous year. But if Xiaomi was the biggest customer of the Taiwanese founder in 2020, other manufacturers have participated in this success. Oppo shipped nearly 55.3 million smartphones with chips from MediaTek last year, while Samsung shipped nearly 43.3 million.

If manufacturers have bet more on MediaTek in 2020, it is also because the founder has partly caught up on Qualcomm with its Dimensity range performance side. With the arrival of 5G, many brands have also sought to equip themselves with inexpensive 5G chips in order to equip entry-level smartphones, especially for emerging countries like India. Qualcomm nevertheless remains a large majority in the high-end segment, even if MediaTek is starting to find a place there, at Honor, Huawei and maybe even at OnePlus with the North 2.


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