Niantic and Pokémon GO are developing their own AR glasses

After having managed to win despite the health situation, Pokémon GO has more than one trick up its sleeve. The creator of the game would prepare, with the help of the Niantic studios, his own augmented reality glasses.

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A few weeks ago, Niantic and Pokémon joined forces to offer an unprecedented experience on Pokémon GO. Thanks to the American giant’s Hololens, the development studio had launched an ambitious project, offering augmented reality glasses to discover pocket monsters beyond a smartphone screen. It is clear that if the operation was mainly intended to promote microsoft glasses, Niantic did not abandon the project. On the contrary, the company has obviously decided to go it alone, by planning to launch its own equipment intended for augmented reality.

A tweet sows doubt

On Twitter, John Hank, the boss of the company, shared a very close-up visual of what we guess to be a pair of glasses stamped Niantic. In his message, the entrepreneur also refers to the tool developed by his company. Based on geolocation, the latter has already enabled the creation of Ingress, Pokémon GO or even Harry Potter Wizards Unite. A title Pikmin is also in preparation. So many games that could benefit from augmented reality if Niantic managed to develop its own hardware. It remains to be seen whether the photograph posted by John Hank is a simple concept, or if it is indeed a finished product, intended to be marketed in the months to come. Anyway, the project seems decidedly in good shape, since we also know that Niantic is already working with the company Qualcomm on the development of its RA glasses project.

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