The Louvre museum is now fully accessible online

If we can no longer go to the museum, it is up to the museum to come to us. To continue to amaze us despite the sanitary situation, the Louvre has just put a colossal database online, in order to allow visitors to discover all of its collections.

Credits – Adam Derewecki via Pixabay CC

While waiting to be able to stroll again in the museums, the Louvre has announced a major project, by putting online all of its collections. A huge database was thus inaugurated a few days ago on the museum’s official website. In addition to allowing visitors and enthusiasts to enjoy a little cultural life just a click away, the project also identifies the many hidden collections of the museum, usually sheltered from the public. In total, there are more than 480,000 works which have been identified by the Louvre teams, some of which have never been exhibited before. A work that we imagine colossal, which should occupy you for a few days in the event of new strict confinement. In addition to highlighting the entire Louvre, the project also identifies the collections of the Musée Delacroix, the sculptures of the Tuileries, as well as several works recovered in Germany at the end of the Second World War, and which are still stored in the museum while waiting to get their hands on their rightful owners.

To access the virtual Louvre, nothing could be simpler, since you just have to go to the site dedicated to the museum’s collections. It is completely free, and you will notice in passing that the museum has also offered a nice graphic overhaul of its site. And for those who would still like to enjoy the air of a museum in this complicated period, we remind you that at present, art galleries are always open to the public. A good way to get away from it all.

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