the new electric limousine thinks big

With a launch slated for late 2021, Mercedes’ new electric limousine featured an imposing giant dashboard, fitting out the entire front surface of the vehicle.

Mercedes credits

Mercedes’ first electric limousine thinks big, very big. The Stuttgart firm indeed presented a few hours ago its new non-standard vehicle called EQS. And it is clear that it has gone all out, with an imposing 56-inch digital panel completely covering the dashboard. An innovation inspired by the concept Hyperscreen presented earlier by the brand at CES 2021, and which definitely promises to find all its interest inside the cabin.

Three screens in one

Technically, this screen of a new kind consists of three slabs sheltered under a polycarbonate coating. Facing the driver, there are the classic indicators intended for the proper functioning of the vehicle, such as speed and warning lights. As can be seen from the various visuals presented by the brand, the driving interface has logically been adapted to meet the needs of an electric motor. The driver will thus be able to switch between different driving modes, from the most sporty to the most classic. Other navigation tools will also be made available to the user, starting with an Assistance mode, which will allow driving aids to be viewed at a glance, such as respecting the safety distance, or nearby obstacle detection. Thanks to augmented reality, Mercedes will also offer a head-up display to improve driving comfort. In the center and to the right of the dashboard, the interface will be tactile and reserved for infotainment.

In addition to establishing itself as a true concentrate of technology, the Mercedes EQS should also perform in terms of longevity. With its 110 kWh battery, the manufacturer indeed promises a record range of 770 km.


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