21 free tech courses to start in April

Would you like to spend a few hours a week learning a new topic or improving your digital skills? While there are tons of educational resources on the web, following the structure of a course can save us a lot of time when studying from home.

There are many educational platforms that offer their programs for free, and to make your task easier, we share a selection of free and online courses that will be taught in April.

Free courses in Spanish

How to take courses online and free

To take any of the courses that we have mentioned, you only need to follow the link that will take you to the educational platform of origin. You will see that each platform offers different modalities for the registration of the courses. If you want to take them for free, you will have to choose the options that we show you in the images.

  • from the Coursera platform

Remember that in the free version you can have access to all the content of the courses as well as the forums, but you will not be able to opt for a certificate at the end of the program.

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