Apple patent: the iPhone becomes a “cheese grater”


After the iPhone 13, Apple smartphones could look fundamentally different. A patent gives insights into the strategy of designing iPhones based on the Mac Pro, the “cheese grater”.

An iPhone with a new, perforated case that helps with cooling.

An iPhone with a new, perforated case that helps with cooling. (Source: Patentlyapple)

  • In 2019, Apple presented the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR in a special look.
  • The structure of the aluminum used reminded many of a cheese grater.
  • A patent now shows that Apple wants to use this surface structure on the iPhone.

over the look of the Mac Pro many jokes have already been made, the term “Cheese grater“stuck because of the distinctive look.

The airy lattice structure offers tangible advantages. Compared to solid aluminum, it is lighter, air can circulate better and cooling is improved. At the same time, the structure is extremely stable.

Like one from the side Patently Apple discovered patent shows, these advantages could benefit future generations of iPhones.

The patent states that “recent advances in electronic equipment have resulted in high performance,” but existing enclosures are unable to effectively dissipate the resulting heat. The performance suffers as a result.

An increase in the surface – and nothing else would mean the cheese grater design for the iPhone – could effectively counteract this. CPUs could drive higher clock rates, the performance could increase permanently.

Apple sees further advantages. Such a case could increase the stability and grip of the iPhone. The patent speaks not only of the iPhone, but also of the cylindrical Mac Pro case, which has now been discontinued. Is Apple planning a comeback?

The one for autumn expected iPhone 13 generation is unlikely to benefit from the holey design. What we already know about the new iPhones, we summarize for you in the linked background article.

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