Apple TV gets a new remote control!

The rumor mill is simmering again. This time it’s about Apple TV. When the new Apple TV will be announced is still unclear. However, the colleagues from 9to5Mac have learned that Apple is working on a new remote control.

Apple TV Remote statt Siri Remote!

According to 9to5Mac, the new Apple TV comes with a new remote control. The remote control should no longer be called “Siri Remote”, but listen to the name “Apple TV Remote”. When Apple introduced the Apple TV 4K in 2017, the remote control had a special feature. The Siri function, with a white ring around the menu button. Which made it possible to identify the Apple TV 4K as a new model. The Siri Remote was not well received by all users. Some Apple users found the function great, while the majority of users hated the remote control at the time. With a new Apple TV model on the way, this could be a great opportunity for Apple to edit the remote and develop an improved remote.

The new name Apple TV Remote discovered in tvOS 14.5 beta!

Discovered last week Macrumorsthat the old name “Siri Remote” has been removed from the tvOS 14.5 and the name “Apple TV Remote” has now been replaced. While this name has been used in some countries, the name is now used worldwide. Personally, I am very excited about a new Apple TV model, as I hope that Apple will build in Wi Fi 6. What do you all mean? Does an Apple TV make sense in 2021 or are the TVs smart enough by now?

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