Google unveils Stack, a new app to manage your paperwork

Are you tired of struggling with dozens of files piling up your invoices and expense reports? Google wants to remedy this with Stack, its new application boosted with artificial intelligence.

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The app comes from developer Christopher Pedregal, and it already promises to change our daily lives. To never lose an important document, expense report or bank receipt again, the giant Google just launched Stack. Designed by the incubator Area 120, this new application is still in the experimental phase, and for the moment only accessible in the United States. Thanks to machine learning, the platform wants to impose itself in our daily life by playing the personalized secretaries.

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The goal of Stack is so simple that one wonders why Google hasn’t thought about it before. Thanks to your smartphone’s camera, the application is indeed capable of scan any important document, analyze it to find out its content, then classify automatically in one of the categories of documents that you will have defined beforehand. Once scanned and stored, each document is then analyzed via AI to identify the important information it contains (due date, amount of an invoice, etc.). What then allow the user to find his papers more easily via the search bar. However, we hope that the application will also allow files to be imported without having to scan them first, which would be very practical at a time when the majority of our documents are dematerialized.

And security level?

Obviously, who says storage and analysis of sensitive documents obviously means questions about data security. To this, Google delivered a rather evasive answer. It will indeed be possible to lock local access to Stack through a password or biometric data. In its official statement, Google also explains that it will be possible to activate the automatic synchronization of the application with Drive, without however specifying whether the documents in question will benefit from an additional layer of security.

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