Instagram launches its equivalent of TikTok duets for Reels

We know that Instagram has a long way to go before its equivalent to TikTok can reach a level similar to the features currently offered by the popular ByteDance short video platform to its users.

In this sense, Instagram just announced the official arrival of the Reels Remix, which is the equivalent of one of the most used creative functions among TikTok users: duos.

Bringing new creative possibilities

Basically, this function allows you to use a Reel already published by another user to create a new Reel that mixes the content of the original Reel with your own, being able to upload pre-recorded content or record it directly with the application.

With the arrival of the Reels Remix, the new Reels that are published from now on will be enabled by default so that they can be used with this function, while users can enable this possibility in the older Reels they have, if they wish, and can even prevent that your new Reels can be used by others to create their Remix Reels.

During the editing of the Reels Remix, users will also be able to control both the audio level of the original content as well as their own, and they can even add a voice-over among other elements, thus giving more creative possibilities to the users themselves.

Instagram is at a point from initially allowing users to recycle content from their TikTok accounts on Reels to veto it in the recommendations, preventing users from uploading their videos with the watermark of TikTok.

And while I know keep copying popular TikTok features on Instagram Reels, on TikTok, as we have already seen in recent months, keep moving forward in many other possibilities, seeking to take the lead.

At this point, Instagram may make the mistake that by adding more features to Reels over time, it may lead to your application becoming more and more heavy, so you must find a balance that allows its sustained growth while maintaining its levels of requirement for operation on mobile devices.

It will be interesting to observe what the next movements will be, taking into account that on Instagram they will also seek to simplify the user experience, currently of some complexity, so they will have to take steps that are well thought out and analyzed in advance.

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