IPhone 12: this MagSafe wallet and stand is the ideal accessory (and works on Android)

Last fall, Apple introduced the iPhone 12 globally. One of the most outstanding features in the latest smartphones was the MagSafe. This allows you to charge the wireless equipment in a magnetic way, but also makes room for the most varied accessories.

An official Apple wallet immediately appeared. But the fact that it is expensive (65 € in Portugal) and unreliable has pushed some consumers away. But more and more options are emerging, and the MagHolder it is one of the best we have found in recent times.

MagHolder serves as a wallet for two cards and a support for the iPhone 12

iphone 12

Like the official Apple wallet, this is a very slim accessory that you can attach to the back of your iPhone 12. It makes room for up to two cards, but that’s more.

This is because, as you can see in the images, it has a structure that also makes it a support for your equipment. That way, you can place your equipment in up to three different positions and watch the content with the best convenience. As it is magnetic, taking it out could not be easier when it is no longer needed.

In the case of iPhone 12, it does not stop working simultaneously with the official Apple charger. This means that you can have the device load with MagSafe and use it as a support as well.

It also works on Android if you use the 3M metal sticker

It is important to mention that this accessory comes with a 3M metal sticker. If you pair it with your older iPhone or any Android, here you have an accessory that becomes truly universal.


The accessory itself has a value of € 16, and it is said that the shipping is made to Portugal for an additional € 4. It is a product purchased on the KickStartar crowdfunding platform and, as such, the development of the project will always be dependent on the creator putting it out.

By supporting this project you are not buying the product, but helping to make it a reality. For that to happen, the creators’ goal was to reach $ 5,000 (something that has already happened). According to the page, deliveries will be made from June.

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