Spotify brings new playlists with improved customization

On Spotify there is always something to listen to beyond the songs of your favorite musical bands. In this regard, the popular audio streaming platform has just introduced the new family of custom playlists. Spotify Mixes, which is being implemented as of today for all users globally, including users of free accounts as well as users of paid accounts.

Spotify dice that its new family of personalized playlists is inspired by the popular Daily Mix, seeking to offer a higher level of personalization and evolutionary over time thanks to the capabilities of its machine learning system, which allows better adaptation of playlists to each user based on their moods and musical interests.

There is always something new to discover

And the most interesting thing is that the names of the playlists included in the new family are simpler and more specific, easier to memorize, compared to those offered after Daily Mix, which are somewhat ambiguous and imprecise.

Spotify Mixes comes with three different categories: artists, genres and decades, each of which will include several frequently updated playlists, which will house topics that each user already likes to topics that they might like depending on of your listening habits.

For Spotify:

Based on the music you already love, while offering a new opportunity for discovery, these new Spotify mixes represent the next generation of Spotify-focused and personalized offerings, right at your fingertips.

The platform intends that there is always something new to discover within it, thus avoiding that users end up getting bored of always listening to the same thing over time, allowing them to discover new songs and new bands that may be of interest to them.

In this sense, the platform explains that:

They’re designed to grow with you over time, so they’ll take your listening skills into account to help you discover and dig deeper into your new favorite artist, genre, or decade.

Users should be able to find the new lists within the section «Created for you»Over the next few hours. With this movement, a promise more announced during the past Stream On, its special event, is fulfilled than, due to the pandemic, held virtually.

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