The excellent HTC Vive Cosmos virtual reality headset drops to € 679

In the virtual reality landscape, HTC is a serious competitor to Oculus. The HTC Vive Cosmos model benefits today from a nice reduction at Fnac, to drop it to 679.99 euros.

It is usually offered at 800 euros, but it currently benefits from a nice 15% reduction. The HTC Vive Cosmos virtual reality headset is highly appreciated for its excellent definition images, its very good colorimetry and its comfort when equipped. This alternative to the Oculus Rift S is now available at 679,99 euros at Fnac.

Find the HTC Vive Cosmos at 679.99 euros at Fnac

HTC Vive Cosmos in detail

The HTC Vive Cosmos is a high-end virtual reality headset. It offers excellent image quality, among the best available on the market. It is able to deliver good graphics with a combined resolution of 2880 x 1700 pixels (at 90 Hz), an 88% increase over the classic VIVE. With new screen technology, the distance between pixels is reduced, which minimizes the “grid” effect that could be felt on older models. We therefore benefit from better immersion, as well as better colorimetry.

The other big advantage of this helmet is its configuration and modular design. The materials are soft, light, and easy to clean as a bonus. They don’t become uncomfortable after a few hours of playing. In particular, it has been designed to be wearable compatible with all body types, and even with glasses. Finally, it has some very practical features to use on a daily basis, such as its ” flip-up Which consists of raising the visor to see around you, without interrupting your experience.

With its Vive Cosmos, HTC can also claim to offer high quality sound. As this component is essential for an immersive experience, the manufacturer has equipped its virtual reality headset with on-ear headphones, capable of delivering very faithful sound in video games.

In detail, this virtual reality headset is delivered with:

  • All-in-one 5m cable
  • Optical fabric
  • Link Box
  • Power adapter for Link Box
  • Câble USB 3.0 A-A (1 m)
  • DisplayPort to MiniDisplayPort cable (1 m)
  • 2x Cosmos Controllers
  • Thongs
  • 4x Piles AA

This model is therefore particularly suitable if you want to play the latest VR titles like Half Life Alyx, or want to watch compatible videos … that said, if you want to go further with higher picture quality and additional features, the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite is also promoting, at 879,99 euros.

Find the HTC Vive Cosmos at 679.99 euros at Fnac

Find the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite at 879.99 euros at Fnac

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