The timeless Logitech K800 wireless keyboard (with backlight) on sale at 59 €

It may have many years on the clock, the Logitech K800 Wireless Keyboard is a true benchmark in the field of office peripherals. With a sleek style and a certain typing comfort, it now benefits from a very large reduction on Amazon to fall to 59.99 euros.

As a general rule, this keyboard is regularly offered by various merchants at a price of around 100 euros. However, it is currently found at a 40% discount on Amazon, dropping its price to 59,99 euros. You can then benefit from a wireless keyboard, backlit, and an AZERTY layout.

Find the Logitech K800 at 59.99 euros on Amazon

The Logitech K800 in detail

If you’re looking for a good office keyboard for telecommuting, the Logitech K800 is an option you should definitely consider. It stands out with laser-etched and backlit keys, making it usable day and night. Only the character is enlightened, which makes it possible not to be dazzled and to be able to concentrate only on the essential. Above all, its lighting system is very easily adjustable. Moreover, the keys are slightly curved for a smoother and more comfortable typing. The keyboard can also boast of being very quiet.

This wireless keyboard (it is not Bluetooth) works with a Logitech Unifying dongle which is of course provided. However, you can also choose to connect it with a cable, if you do not want to recharge it from time to time. Note that a battery indicator will inform you if the autonomy becomes critical. According to the manufacturer, a full charge allows the keyboard to last 240 hours.

Mainly intended for office automation and note taking, this keyboard will also be used for more multimedia use. There are many features that are located on the system keys: by simultaneously pressing the FN key and F2 or F6, you can easily control your music and open certain programs.

Find the Logitech K800 at 59.99 euros on Amazon

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