Cyberpunk 2077: finally no multiplayer?

CD Projekt returned to this point in the presentation of its business strategy for the next few years, and Cyberpunk multiplayer may never see the light of day.

Credit: CD Projekt

March 30, CD Project decided to present its group strategy in a very comprehensive video. CEO Adam KiciÅ„ski explained the latest strategy decisions for the studio’s upcoming games and games still in development, such as Cyberpunk 2077. This happens right after the deployment of the mega patch 1.2 with over 500 fixes to try to fix game bugs on the console version. In the video, we learn that the Cyberpunk multiplayer game project is on hiatus for an indefinite period. Several months ago, CD Projekt had specified that a multiplayer game in the universe of Cyberpunk would see the light of day. Now, we are no longer so sure since after two years of development, the studio wants to focus more on solo adventures and immersion in its existing game. Single-player RPG games are the starting point for the studio and they want to stick with their origins, focusing as much as possible on improving Cyberpunk 2077 rather than a possible multiplayer game.

In addition, changes will take place in the working conditions of employees, which had been criticized a few months ago. Indeed, some employees had testified to strong pressure and working conditions of insufficient quality to manage to finish the game. Cyberpunk 2077 in good standing. That is why CD Projekt will also focus on teamwork and an improved working environment, even if the pandemic does not allow them optimal conditions. Finally, CD Projekt has announced that it no longer wants to work on a single AAA project but several at the same time, which would allow a better return to the company. However, it is hoped that this will not be done at the expense of the quality of the games offered by the studio, which have so far been highly regarded by fans, despite turbulent launches.


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