Facebook Releases Official Profile Frames in Support of Covid-19 Vaccination

Vaccination against the Covid-19 coronavirus is becoming the great world hope to end the pandemic that has haunted us for more than a year, and try to return to normality, leaving behind the restrictions currently required by the health authorities in every state.

At this point in which we find ourselves, there are times when there may be a greater number of people willing to be vaccinated, since in many parts of the world it is not mandatory, although with the arrival of news about the serious side effects of some vaccines in people specific, it is also giving rise to the appearance of groups of people who want to think twice before inoculating the doses of vaccine that correspond to them.

An imposed on people’s awareness

To try to make more and more people willing to get vaccinated, Facebook has just officially launched its own profile frameworks to support vaccination, with slogans available in both Spanish and English.

It is intended that users of Facebook they feel more convinced of the need to get vaccinated as more of their contacts, and even relevant figures, support them, and even receive the corresponding doses.

Facebook notes that this initiative has now been launched in the United States in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), following an initiative similar to the one previously launched in the United Kingdom United in collaboration with the National Health Services (NHS), which achieved that a quarter of users in the United Kingdom have already been able to see at least one of their contacts supporting vaccination against Covid-19.

For the United States, Facebook also promises that in the coming weeks it will offer a summary of friends, family and people in monitoring who are already using these profile frames for the vaccination against Covid-19 in the walls of the users.

In addition to this new initiative, Facebook has long had profile frames to support anti-Covid-19 vaccination generated by third parties, and now the company itself is launching its own profile frames for the same cause.

Facebook thus wants to do its bit, taking advantage of its presence on a large scale, to make people aware of the need for vaccination to try to restore normality, arriving precisely now, in a territory, the United States, where vaccination anti Covid-19 is at a good pace, until the time will come when there may be more than enough vaccines, as is also thought.

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