Microsoft Edge allows you to resize the tabs to take better advantage of the screen

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge wants to further improve the dynamics of open tabs with a new option that users can adapt to their needs.

The idea is that the eyelash system adapts to your style of Web navegation and can offer you different ways of managing them, without the need to resort to third-party options.

New dynamics to manage open tabs in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has made tons of changes to your web browser that make it easier to deal with open tabs. Regardless of how many tabs we have open in Edge, there is an option in the browser that will help us manage them.

Or we can let it do the work for us with the “waiting tabs” function that suspends those that are inactive for a certain period of time. On the other hand, it has also taken care of offering different ways to view the tabs with the new option that allows the bar to be placed on the side, turning them into “vertical tabs”.

This is an interesting dynamic that allows us to toggle between a full view of the tab and a preview that only highlights the icon of the web page. And now a third option is added: the possibility of resizing the tab bar.

An option that users with small screens will appreciate, since they will be able to find a compromise between seeing only seeing the favicon and having the extended tab bar. Just by dragging and dropping the sidebar you can change the size it occupies on the screen, so you can adapt this dynamic to your needs.

This is a dynamic that is being tested in the Beta, Dev and Canary versions of Microsoft Edge, so we will still have to wait for it to be implemented in one of the future versions of the browser to enjoy this new option.

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