Razer launches new line of eco-friendly clothing

Inspired by the Great Wave off Kanagawa, Razer’s new collection aims to remove marine plastic litter while raising awareness in the gaming community about ocean pollution.

Credit: Razer

In the same vein as the operation Snack Snack, Razer today launches a collection of environmentally friendly clothing. All the pieces in the collection are made from recycled marine plastic waste and aim to educate the gamer population about the pollution of seas and oceans. This is also reflected in the very particular design of the collection. It is inspired by the famous Japanese print the Great Wave off Kanagawa by artist Katsushika Hokusai. Besides the fact that Razer added its iconic green color to it, it just so happens that the wave is also filled with trash. A very particular pattern for a line that Razer qualifies as elegant. Each sale will allow Razer to fund the removal of one kilogram of marine litter. It will be available for purchase from Razer website from April 8 at 4 a.m. and items will be limited to 1337 pieces.

The clothing collection includes:

  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Hooded Jacket 159,99€
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave T-shirt 99,99€
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Tank Top in 79,99€
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Short 89,99€
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Cap in 59,99€

An initiative that is gaining momentum

Razer is not at its first attempt in terms of ecological initiative. A few months ago, the brand launched the range Snack Snack, which now features a plush and headrest featuring Razer’s Snake. These products were launched thanks to the initiative #GoGreenWithRazer in partnership with Conservation International, an association which aims to protect the environment. This approach saves trees from deforestation since for each product sold, 10 trees can be saved. To date, the 100,000 tree mark has been reached with 189,080 trees saved, and Razer is now aiming to preserve one million trees. These actions have proven that they can bear fruit and encourage the gaming community, Razer’s main customers, to get involved in the environmental cause. In this sense, it has also marketed a reusable straw steel that the brand sells for $ 20, but we are a little more skeptical about this initiative …

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