Roborock S7 – suction station comes without a dust bag

The suction station for the Roborock S7 will probably be the first bagless suction station on a suction robot.

Bagless suction station for the Roborock S7

The Roborock S7 is on the market and many of you have already received your model. Today Karim already has one items about a new robotic vacuum cleaner from Roborock, because information about a Roborock T7S has surfaced on the Internet. Like the Roborock S6 MaxV, it has a camera with object recognition, but this time with the name Reactive3D.

I took a closer look at the Chinese product page of the Roborock T7S and noticed a detail about the suction station. As you know, this is not yet on the market and could only be viewed on some pictures. When I saw the suction station for the first time at the product presentation by Roborock, I noticed the design, which deviates from the suction stations of other manufacturers. The product page now apparently confirms what I was thinking back then. The suction station can be used without a dust bag and works like a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Roborock T7S suction station

For me personally this is great news, as I have always found the bags to be annoying, as you always have to buy them again. However, allergy sufferers might be a little less pleased with this type of dust disposal, but Roborock has also taken this into account. I used the Google translator to translate the Chinese text from the featured image and you can see what it looks like optional dust bags purchase to seal the dust in it. How exactly this should happen, however, I could not yet see.

How do you find a bagless suction station on a vacuum robot? Cool or do you prefer the models with a bag?

Roborock T7S – Do we see the Roborock S7 Max / Roborock S7 3D here?

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