This 27-inch PC gaming screen (WQHD, 165 Hz, 1 ms) is priced at € 249

In a high-end configuration for video games, a good quality PC screen makes all the difference and allows for a better experience. In this good plan, we offer you a 27-inch curved PC screen, the Acer ED270UP which benefits from a nice reduction on the Electro Dépôt site. It is now available at 249.98 euros.

By delivering very good resolution on a 27-inch screen, while not ignoring the main technical characteristics essential for demanding video games, this PC screen is currently down 16%. Usually marketed at 300 euros, it now drops to 249,98 euros for a limited time.

Find the Acer ED270UP at 249.98 euros on Electro Dépôt

The Acer ED270UP in detail

This gaming screen is built on a 27-inch VA panel, or 68.58 cm. Good quality, it is able to display nice contrasting colors with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, otherwise known as QHD. For this screen size, this is what is generally recommended, in order to benefit from greater clarity of images, whether in video games, office automation or in the media you are viewing.

However, this monitor is intended primarily for gaming use. Indeed, we find all the main characteristics to enjoy exceptional fluidity in video games, even the most nervous. The sweep frequency is 165 Hz, and the response time does not exceed 1 ms. In addition, the model is compatible with FreeSync technology. If your graphics card supports it, it will sync with your monitor to eliminate visual tearing. In general, this screen deploys a clear, responsive image, which is essentially justified in video games.

The rest of the specs are pretty standard, with an anti-flicker and blue light filter to reduce eye strain, especially over long sessions. If the structure of the screen is of good quality, we will only be able to benefit from a tilting foot, since the whole is not adjustable in height. The connection remains classic, with 2 HDMI inputs, 1 DisplayPort input and 1 3.5 mm jack.

Find the Acer ED270UP at 249.98 euros on Electro Dépôt

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