A huge new map for Among US

Among US has run out of steam in recent months. After having a great 2020, with millions of players around the world participating in space sessions to find the impostor, the company has not had enough reflexes to offer news in a short time, since the rush of unexpected users opened the doors to issues that had to be patched.

The fact is that the game is still far from dying, it has a lot of popularity, much more fame than it had at its launch, and now they want to recover those peaks of last year with an excellent update.

We’re talking about the huge Airship map, with new tasks, new ways to move around, and new ways to plot against other players. It’s the largest map of Among Us yet, with visually different rooms for easy adaptation, stairs, and a floating platform.

The new tasks are also very intuitive, no sitting in front of the screen with a “I don’t know what to do” face. We can dress a mannequin to uncover a toilet, and some will continue to use skills from other maps, such as swiping cards.

For the imposter, the most desired profile in the game, there are more places to hide. The problem is that being such a large map, if there are few players it will be difficult to come across another. It is ideal for groups of 15, but with less it is difficult to win with a single imposter.

The update also includes an account system and some new hats for free.

Meanwhile, Xbox users are still waiting for the version promised for 2021.

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