Aerion presents a supersonic aircraft capable of reaching Mach 4+

Presented this Monday, March 29, the Aerion AS3 is a new commercial airliner, capable of flying at Mach 4+, or more than 4,900 kilometers per hour.

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Linking Paris to Beijing in less than three hours will (perhaps) soon be possible thanks to this new supersonic aircraft. Presented Monday, March 29, this new flying object called AS3 was unveiled by the Florida company Aerion, and could be put into circulation by the end of the decade. Capable of carrying on board 50 passengers over approximately 13,000 km (i.e. 7,000 nautical miles), the machine will be able to reach the maximum speed of Mach 4+, i.e. a little more than 4,900 km / h four times the speed of sound. The objective for the company? “Building a future where humanity can travel between two points anywhere on the planet in less than three hours”, details the CEO of Aerion in an interview for CNN.

“Supersonic flight is a start, but it’s only a start” — Aerion

Commercial flights at Mach 5?

Aerion has been one of the most innovative companies in the airline industry for several years. While the Mach 4+ objective is not even concrete yet, the manufacturer ultimately hopes to come up with airliners capable of flying up to Mach 5 that’s 6,200 km / h, seven times faster than a long-distance commercial model. AS3 is the second aircraft supersonic presented by Aerion. Its predecessor, the AS2, is expected to connect London to New York in just 4.5 hours. The first scheduled flight of the aircraft is already scheduled for 2024, with a market launch in 2026. If these first tests prove to be conclusive, this would be the first supersonic aircraft to enter commercial service since Concorde.

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