Belkin Magnetic iPhone Stand with Face Recognition

Belkin will soon be releasing a magnetic iPhone stand with face recognition. Thanks to face recognition, the stand rotates with the iPhone when the user moves out of the image area.

Belkin magnetic iPhone stand follows the user

Belkin has one magnetic iPhone stand with face recognition developed, which rotates with the user in order to be able to record content from every angle. However, there is a catch to the whole thing, because it only works with the accompanying iPhone app. This means that classic video conference apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Apple’s Facetime are no longer available. Belkin’s own app records the video and offers an export to the most popular social media platforms (YouTube, TikTok, etc.).

The magnetic stand is intended for the iPhone 12. The iPhone is magnetically attached to the stand with the Magsafe holder.

It’s a shame that the logic is not in the stand itself and you have to rely on the Belkin app. This means that the functionality cannot be used when watching videos on YouTube, websites, etc. For example, I would have imagined the bracket to be on the kitchen counter. The functionality would then be similar to the new one Echo Show 10 from Amazon which, by the way, will be delivered from April 14th.

Battery operated – no mains connection

The Belkin mount can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation. It is operated with 3-AA batteries. Charging the iPhone is not considered! The stand automatically captures the face in a full 360-degree rotation range. The iPhone can be oriented at an angle between -15 and +30 degrees.

The release is coming up soon in the USA and the bracket costs 64.99 US dollars to start. It is currently not known whether this will also be available in Germany.

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