Demon’s Soul Remake Creator Leaves Sony’s Japan Studio

After many departures following a restructuring of the studio, it is the turn of Gavin Moore, creator of Demon’s Soul Remake, to leave Sony’s Japan Studio to create other career opportunities.

Credit: Sony

Sony’s very first first-party studio, the Japan Studio, does not cease wiping the departures of the biggest names in the studio, those who gave it its letters of nobility. After the departure of Masami Yamamoto (Tokyo Jungle, Rain, Tenchu : Stealth Assassins), Keiichiro Toyama (Silent Hill), ou encore Shunsuke Saito (Gravity Rush), it’s the turn of Gavin Moore, creator of the remake of Demon’s Soul and of Puppeteer, to go to other horizons. He announced it on Twitter, and given the date of the post, some would have hoped it was April Fool’s Day.

Gavin Moore explains that “ after 24 years at Sony, including 18 at Japan Studio, yesterday was my last day at work. The creative spirit and camaraderie of the studio, which was a part of my life, will be sorely missed. It’s time to go looking for new and exciting opportunities! »

Departures from the studio have followed one another since the announcement of its massive restructuring. In fact, the Japan Studio is being removed from its main functions, all current developments or project ideas being transferred to Team Asobi, the studio that created Astro’s Playroom. It will subsequently be transformed into a fully autonomous studio. It’s always sad to learn the end of a story, whatever it is, even though an ending can often become the start of a new adventure. This was notably the case of Keiichiro Toyama, who founded his own studio, Bokeh Studio, and is now working on a new project.

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