Epic Games Store: What’s the free game for April 8?

If the game of the week is Tales of the Neon Sea, next week’s game is 3 out of 10 Season 2, a humorous game that is consumed like a sitcom.

Credit: Terrible Posture Games

Every Thursday on theEpic Games Store, a free game is available to the delight of PC gamers. On Thursday April 8, it will be the second season of the game 3 out of 10. Half video game, half animated sitcom, the game has established itself in its own style offering players to discover the backdrop of the ” worst video game studio “. The challenge is to determine if the studio will ever manage to produce titles that are worth more than a 3 out of 10.

For this second season comprising 5 episodes, players will be able to alternate between comic scenes and mini-games. Just like the first opus, they will be released at a rate of one episode per week, like a real television series. The game will therefore be available from April 8 to 15. Last August, Epic Games had already offered the first season of 3 out of 10 on the Epic Games Store. It is therefore the perfect opportunity for those who played the first episodes to continue the adventure with these characters, each more wacky than the next.

If you want to discover the title on console, it is also available on Nintendo Switch since the beginning of March at a price of 9.99 euros. Until it arrives on the Epic Games Store, you can from 1is April enjoy the game of the week which is Tales of the Neon Sea from Palm Pioneer for free.


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