“Hey Porsche” – voice assistant and Android Auto move into the Porsche

Of the Porsche 911 GT3 is said to be the manufacturer’s first vehicle Android Auto-Integration will be available. For a long time there was only Apple CarPlay in vehicles from the automobile manufacturer Porsche, but that is now changing.

Android Auto in the Porsche – the GT3 makes the start

Porsche has become Google’s platform Android Auto so far successfully opposed and argued for a long time that most customers have an iPhone anyway and therefore all you need is Apple CarPlay. Now, however, they are doing a role backwards and will still provide compatibility with Android Auto. With the new 911 for 2022, Android Auto will also be available in a Porsche for the first time.

Of the Porsche 911 GT3 makes the start, but one can assume that other models such as the Macan will follow. Porsche Commu­nica­tion Manage­mentis the name of the infotainment system. This enables besides Apple CarPlay now also the use of Android Auto.

“Hey Porsche” – voice assistant

The vehicles also have a voice assistant that can be used, for example, to control the music, but also to query various services from the manufacturer. The assistant reacts to the voice command “Hey Porsche”. A Porsche Connect subscription seems to be a prerequisite for accessing the cloud services.

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