Instagram is working on a new dynamic to block abusive comments

Instagram already has different options that allow users to protect themselves from harassment and abusive comments.

Allows you to block specific users, hide offensive comments and use a manual filter to hide content that includes specific words or phrases. And soon a dynamic may be added.

New option on Instagram to moderate comments

It is possible that Instagram adds a new option to automatically moderate the comments on our publications, as mentioned Alessandro Paluzzi from your Twitter account.

Analyzing the news of Instagram in one of its beta versions, he found that a new option is added that allows to apply another automatic filter for comments. A filter that seems to be powered by artificial intelligence and that hides comments that contain words that have been reported in previous cases.

A dynamic that would be applied in the comments of the publications, live videos, stories and reels. Although it is not yet known if it is a test that can see the light in any of the future versions of Instagram, it could become an excellent complement to eradicate abusive comments from the platform. So Instagram would not only take into account the automatic filter that each user uses, but it would also use the reports of all users.

Of course, this would be an option that each user should activate from their account settings. So those who prefer to moderate the comments of their posts manually, so that Instagram does not accidentally filter important content from the audience, will be able to ignore this option.

We will have to wait to see if Instagram decides to implement this dynamic or falls by the wayside as one of the many tests it performs on the platform. Meanwhile we can use the options found in Settings >> Privacy >> Comments. In this section you will find controls and filters to moderate the comments on your posts.

And of course, you can always use the tools that Instagram offers to report harassment within the platform.

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