Instagram wants to compete with TikTok with its Remixes on Reels

The social network once again borrows a feature from Chinese leader TikTok. Thanks to Remixes, it will now be possible to create Reels from already existing creations.

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Instagram Reels are already borrowing heavily from TikTok. Since yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has gone a step further, announcing its own version TikTok Duo, the Remixes. If the feature was already in beta test for a few weeks, the initiative seems to have been validated by the giant of social networks, which has decided to deploy it internationally.

Similar to the Duets on TikTok, Instagram’s new Remixes willinteract with another person’s video, while adding its own content. To use the Remix tool, simply go to a user’s Reels, then select the option “Remixer ce Reels”. From there, it will then be possible to record a sequence around the first, add voiceovers, control the volume, or suggest a new edit of the sequence. Only Reels created from March 31, 2021 can be remixed, however, Instagram said in an official press release.

Always closer to TikTok

Launched in August of last year, the Reels d’Instagram clearly hoped to push TikTok users to (re) come to Facebook’s affiliate platform. By regularly adding features similar to those of the Chinese leader, the platform still hopes to pass its competitor again, even if it means resembling it more and more. As a reminder, this is not the first time that Mark Zuckerberg’s company “Borrows” a feature to the competition. It suffices to quote the stories Snapchat, or even more recently from Facebook’s desire to create a tool similar to Clubhouse on Messenger.


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